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Full Length Podcasts 2018 Collection

Full Length 4 hours | Sacred Mix 2018 | Underground Crossroads Styles |

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  • [Full Length 4 hours] IDM Noise Glitch Drone Podcast 1.0

  • [Full Length 4 hours] Techno Glitch Drone Podcast 1.1

  • [Full Length 3 hours] IDM Noise Glitch Drone Podcast 1.2

  • [Full Length 4 hours] Cutlasridian [IDM Noise Glitch Drone Podcast] 1.3

  • [Full Length 5 hours] 3vilness Styles collection [IDM Noise Glitch Drone] 2.0

  • [Full Length 7 horas] IDM Noise Glitch Drone Styles Podcast collection [3.0]

  • [Full Length SITE || IVOOX PODCAST]

8 hours


Improvis 4 hours


Full Length Podcasts Series 7 hours GEMS Sessions Selection

[Full Length Podcasts Series] 7 hours GEMS Sessions Selection (2018)

Practicing The Paradox Mixing by Me, Myself & I [Concept Mixes Sets Podcasts]

For Streaming, discovering & enjoying the Collection Music Reporter. Major stuff “Electronic GEMS” from deep underground old 90’s Styles, but best quality Music Ever Made..Made it all in podcast too…Download =>((link))

Brother…U Can discover new oldschool Music here. Get The Inspiration By the Best Old Tunes ever Made.
http://bit.ly/fullpodcast || (2018 full Podcasts)

|IDM Ambient Drone Industrial Experimental Techno |Glitch Electro Breaks Noise |

Run Away From Yourself…with Electronic Music…o)))

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ASK ME FOR ID TRACKS…It Will Be Our Little TrackList Secret Mainstream Less Known.Perhaps could have some Silence Between Setlist Tracks, because that compilation was made in different days till this complete tracklist V.A ..always in Updating added. 😉