Japan Noise Music Koji Tano (1961-2005) is the project behind MSBR

Japan Noise Music Koji Tano (1961-2005) is the project  behind MSBR
(Molten Salt Breeder Reactor = MSBR)

A description by Electro Suplex (1998)

<<MSBR’s crushing wall of noise (…) manages to tap into a post-human territory of pure absolute volume that seems to have more in common with the unstoppable forces of nature than any form of music>>

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Noise Music Japan project Koji Tano (1961-2005)

He described his style as Grappling Electro Noise,  focus in field-recording too. The materials are recorded at studio and sometimes live, using a Korg guitar synthesizer and another hardware for make effects, working in analog sounds.

He started making music in 1984, influenced from listening E. Neubaute’s Kollapse album and another german groups. His first release was in 1991, and at the same time, he started his own discographic label MSBR records.

Japan Noise Music Koji Tano (1961-2005)
         Japan Noise Music Koji Tano

Denshi Zatsuon is a noise magazine which he managed. In this magazine appear a lot of artists of noise international scene, as Stabat Mors, Macronympha, trente oiseaux, Steve Roden, B. Günter, Toy Bizarre, Kiyoshi Mizutani.

The influence of the first generation noise artists is remarkable, and at the same time, he talked about the influence of German Rock, as Amon Duul or Cluster in the 70’s, because the concept was changing to reach another ideas about music.
He contributed in Magmax. In this project he used a TB-303 for make rhythm.  Defended the idea that Noise genre is music

‘My thought is that noise is music. Who decided that only sound has melody, rhythm, singing is music? Non-melody, non-rhythm, non-singing is not music.  For example, fuzz guitar sound in J.Hendrix’s LP is recoginized as Rock Music. But if you listened only a part of his guitar sound, you can understand it’s nosie. And important thing is that the most exciting one of J.Hendrix is this fuzz guitar, not his melody/singing. So I think noise is music first. Almost of people are under control of concept of “music” by now. Real music is free from any control’.

As it has said, Koji Tano was an influential noise artist, with so many productions and performances, as another artists from japan as Merzbow (1979), Incapacitants (1981) or CCCC (1989).

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