Electro Music Perfect Songs Pearls Tracks & History Review Part I

Electro Music Perfect Songs Pearls Tracks & History Review

Electro Music Perfect Songs Pearls Tracks & History Review Part I

electro music

  1. Chris McCormack ‎- Redesigned” (2004)
  2. Chris McCormack – What kind Of Sound Pt1
  3. Umwelt – Somatogravic Illusion
  4. Umwelt – A Tale Of Disruptive Science
  5. Umwelt – Future Darkness [2014 Vision]

“Chris McCormack” ‎- “Redesigned” (2004)
Track A2 +2 – “Saturation Point” Electrix Records ‎- ETRX 021
Formato:Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM – 2004 UK
Genr:Electronic style:Electro

Redesigned EP by Chris McCormack (2004)
+1 We Are The Invaders
+2 Saturation Point
-1 What Kind Of Sound Pt1
-2 What Kind Of Sound Pt2

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Vocal samples lifted from the original recording sessions made at “The Funny Farm” circa 1999-2000 by Paul Gannaway and Chris McCormack. ℗&© Electrix Records 2004

Real Name:Chris McCormack
Chris is widely known for his ground breaking techno productions, responsible for some of the most innovative techno records of the past decade. Chris has also produced a number of library music albums including collaborations with Paul Gannaway for Standard Music Ltd. Chris is also an in demand mastering engineer with his company Blacklisted Mastering.
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Designed At Happy Tomorrow
Recorded At The Funny Farm Recording Studios
Published By Copyright Control
Phonographic Copyright (p) Electrix Records
Copyright (c) Electrix Records
Mastered At Masterpiece
Pressed By Record Industry 08 53940 20

Chris McCormack – What kind Of Sound Pt1
Chris McCormack ‎- Redesigned
Sello:Electrix Records ‎- ETRX 021
Formato:Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM
País:UK Fecha:2004 Género:Electronic Estilo:Electro
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Cultures Of Resistance 2014Shipwrec Records
Umwelt is a French producer. He is the founder of Shelter , Fundata and New Flesh. Alias: Freddy J, Junkman
Umwelt Offiial website

As an artist, Umwelt he has been composing electronic music since 1996 and released his first tracks in 1997. He began producing techno and electro on his own labels Shelter and Fundata Records that have met a great success. Now his sounds are more electro, dark and broken.

From the beginning, he has exclusively worke with hardware: this man loves machines …he doesn’t find computers and softwares very attractive and very sexy… Read more on.

tags: electro, nu electro, e-l-e-c-t-r-o, dark, electro breaks

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From Elektro Diktators Vol.1 – NF15 by The French Dissidents :
Dynarec – Franck Kartell – Umwelt – Jauzas The Shining
Umwelt – Future Darkness (2014 Vision)

Launched in 2010 by infamous electro artist Umwelt and graphic partner Chris Nexus 6, New Flesh Records definitively focuses on underground and futuristic music. Productions are characterized by the use of analogue synthetic ma-chines: therefore, the music oscillates between Electro and Techno styles.

*Elektro Diktators Vol. 1* inaugurates a series of top electro compilations on the french imprint and offers for its first chapter four uncompromizing tracks from the like of renegades DynArec (Electrix, Delsin), Umwelt (Shipwrec, Sata-mile), Franck Kartell (Transient Force, Black Leather) & Jauzas The Shining (Last Known Trajectory, Black Montanas).Each artist provides his personal vision of Electro in an oustanding way…..Listen at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umwelt Future Darkness Review

Some Info And History About “Electro Music Style”

Electro Music Perfect Songs Pearls Tracks & History Review Part I

A style that began as an early form of hip-hop, Electro has grown to encompass anything that uses the classic, electronic, syncopated beat found on tracks like “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa or “White Lines” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, or as popularized by Herbie Hancock’s “RockIt”.

Electro is also applied retroactively to some of the music of Kraftwerk, particularly “Numbers” and “Home Computer”—forward-looking, danceable electronic tracks which were highly regarded in early hip-hop culture. Aside from the distinctive rhythm pattern, Electro is often distinguished by an emphasis on synthesizers, vocoders, and dry, syncopated/”funky” drum sounds (as opposed to the monotonous, low-pitch bass drum of house and techno).

In contrast to typical hip-hop approach of mining funky beats and warm basslines from old vinyl and emphasizing a rap vocal, the Electro vibe is more about producing new, cold, heavily synthetic-sounding beats and minimal basslines, with chanted vocals, extended instrumental passages, and minor-key lead synth themes. The funky side of Electro can include sung vocals, is also known as Electro-Funk, and was a basis of the freestyle genre (initially “Latin hip-hop”).

The Techno side of Electro is rooted in the music of Cybotron and Model 500, and was defined more fully in the ’90s by artists such as Drexciya and Anthony Rother. The term or prefix Electro is also applied to synth-pop and industrial dance music with little or no hip-hop connection, but which just incorporated similarly styled beat patterns, instrumentation, and overall feel. In recent years, club and mainstream dance music has been infiltrated by a more modern and rock-influenced sound, now known as “Electro-House” and sometimes just referred to as Electro.

This sound usually features a loud, four to the floor kickdrum with melodies and basslines remeniscent of 80’s synth-pop. As with Electroclash and in contrast with pure Electro, Electro-House is often dominated by lead synths or samples which use distortion as a characteristic effect; examples include some of the music of Justice or Kavinsky. On Discogs, Electro is a style tag in both the Electronic and Hip Hop genres. If in doubt which genre applies, ask in the Database Forum.

During one of the major updates of the Discogs back end, Electronic genre releases with no style tag were given the tag Electro automatically. This resulted in many releases being tagged as Electro in error.

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Electro Music Perfect Songs Pearls Tracks & History Review Part I