William Basinski Various Experimental Ambient Abstract 90s Albums

William Basinski Various Experimental Ambient Abstract 90s Albums

Born: 1958 (age 57–58)
Origin: New York City
Genres: Ambient,Tape, Process music, Experimental
Occupation: Composer
Years active: 1978–present
Labels: Raster-Noton, 2062 Records, Temporary Residence Limited, Spekk, Durtro, Die Stadt, Line, Associated acts Richard Chartier

Website: http://www.mmlxii.com

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William Basinski Various Experimental Ambient Abstract 90s Albums

William Basinski ‎- Shortwavemusic
Label:noton.archiv für ton und nichtton – 07 lp,
Rastermusic – vyr012
Format:Vinyl, LP
Country:Germany Released:Jun 1998
Genre:Electronic Style:Experimental

“William Basinski”

TRACKLIST ALBUM “William Basinski” Rastermusic – vyr012 (1998)

  1. A On A Frontier Of Wires
  2. B1 Evening Scars
  3. B2 Cobalt Pools
  4. B3 Frirge Area
  5. Particle Showers (only in 2007 Release)

Release + Information

The Disintegration Loops III (Remastered) (2014)

All tracks composed and recorded live […] in 1982 at Music Laboratories in New York using tape loops and shortwave radio.

Tracks 1-4 originally released on LP by Noton [now Raster-Noton], Germany, 1997.
Track 5 is a bonus track which did not appear on the original vinyl release.

William Basinski ‎- Shortwavemusic
Label:2062 ‎- 2062.0701
Format:CD, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 08 Mar 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Minimal, Experimental
2007 Album Release with Bonus 5 Track

William Basinski is an experimental musician and composer currently residing in Los Angeles. Classically trained, he has worked with various forms of experimental media for nearly 30 years, mostly in New York.

One of his main compositional tools is the tape loop on reel-to-reel machines, and these also play the main role in his live performances. His work has been released by a variety of internationally-based labels, including his own 2062 label.William Basinski Various Experimental Ambient Abstract 90s Albums 666

William Basinski (born 1958) is an avant-garde composer based in New York City. He is also a clarinetist, saxophonist, sound artist, and video artist.

Basinski is best known for his four-volume album The Disintegration Loops (2002–2003), constructed from rapidly decaying twenty-year-old tapes of his earlier music.

His first release was Shortwavemusic. Although created in 1983, it was first released on vinyl in a small edition in 1998 by Carsten Nicolai’s Raster-Noton label. This was followed by Watermusic, self-released in 2000 on Basinski’s 2062 Records.

William Basinski Various Experimental Ambient Abstract 90s Albums

Another 2-disc work was Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive, 1980: it was finally released in 2004 by David Tibet on the Durtro/Die Stadt label. At the time this work was created, Basinski was experimenting with compositions for piano and tape loops.

Throughout the 1980s, Basinski created a vast archive of experimental works using tape loop and delay systems, found sounds, and shortwave radio static. He was a member of many bands including Gretchen Langheld Ensemble and House Afire. In 1989, he opened his own performance space, “Arcadia” at 118 N. 11th Street.

William Basinski Various Experimental Ambient Abstract 90s Albums

In the 1990s, he performed and produced records and intimate underground shows there for various NYC artists including Antony, Diamanda Galás, Rasputina, The Murmurs, and his own ad-hoc experimental electronic/improvisation band, Life on Mars.

In 2000, he made a film titled Fountain with artists James Elaine and Roger Justice.

In August and September 2001, he set to work on what would become his most recognizable piece, the four-volume album The Disintegration Loops.

The recordings were based on old tape loops which had degraded in quality. While attempting to salvage the recordings in a digital format, the tapes slowly crumbled and left a timestamp history of their demise.

Discography William Basinski:

Studio albums:

  • Shortwavemusic (1998, Raster-Noton)
  • Watermusic (2000, 2062 Records)
  • The Disintegration Loops (2002, 2062 Records)
  • The River (2002, Raster-Noton)
  • The Disintegration Loops II (2003, 2062 Records)
  • Watermusic II (2003, 2062 Records)
  • Melancholia (2003, 2062 Records)
  • The Disintegration Loops III (2003, 2062 Records)
  • A Red Score in Tile (2003, Three Poplars)
  • The Disintegration Loops IV (2003, 2062 Records)
  • Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive (2004, Durtro/Die Stadt)
  • Untitled (2004, Spekk) with Richard Chartier
  • Silent Night (2004, 2062 Records)
  • The Garden of Brokenness (2006, 2062 Records)
  • Variations for Piano and Tape (2006, 2062 Records)
  • El Camino Real (2007, 2062 Records)
  • 92982 (2009, 2062 Records)
  • Vivian & Ondine (2009, 2062 Records)
  • Aurora Liminalis (2013, Line) with Richard Chartier
  • Nocturnes (2013, 2062 Records)
  • Cascade (2015, 2062 Records)
  • The Deluge (2015, 2062 Records)

Compilation albums:

  • The Disintegration Loops (2012, Temporary Residence Limited)

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© 2007 Musex International. Made in USA

Full Discography William Basinski


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