Por Rober Robot The Beauty Of Techno

Hard & Clever – Rhythm & Stealth – Light & Dark – Music & Noise


Detroit Was This Magic <3. in their glory days ,that kind of creative movement, that i really loves so much. perfect equality Merged from 2 Oposites Sides about electronic’s Point of view. 1.”The must be heaven” Ambient playing Synths slowly dronering, You can feel how the frequences are grindering inside your soul.

Music so deepest that it seems like the artist has been thinking about the posibility this day being surprised by passing away from natural death problems, whiles he’s playing the last live session, waiting for God coming from him, he is so sure this, that he feels getting impacient, so impacient that even calls for him to praying hurry up”
But suddenly the “Beautiful Nostalgics Sounds of Downtempo becomes fighting in a War of trying kill synths with deep dark drum beats with a little smooths breaks in his rhythm!! hahahahhaa 😛 .. enjoy!!
Real photo appears Oldschool Underground Samurays Assasins

Depths dirties Sounds will get eating your bowels whiles you asking for more :-O .. from inside to outside .. for blowing away your soul si farest thet not thinking even try to shasing .. You lost!! Music Wins..and me???, laughs like real dubclown remixed.