Gimmik | Slow Motion Process | IDM Glitched ALBUM | 2001-WI025

Gimmik | Slow Motion Process | IDM Glitched ALBUM | 2001-WI025

Gimmik – Slow Motion Process ALBUM (2001)
Sello:Worm Interface ‎- WI025
Formato:CD, Album
País:UK Fecha:Apr 2001
Género:Electronic Estilo:IDM


  • 1 Wavefiles 5:50
  • 2 Powder Puff 4:04
  • 3 Crak 6:42
  • 4 Rc Units 4:13
  • 5 Form2 2:45
  • 6 Low Fridge 3:57
  • 7 Monitor 4:10
  • 8 Cyclic Redundancy 4:35
  • 9 Sarah 4:09
  • 10 Resonance 3:39
  • 11 Cabcrab 3:59
  • 12 Slowdive 4:33

Gimmik Name real: Martin Haidinger

Also knows like: Basic End, Das M, Das Programm, Der Raum, Die Kleinen Gärtner, Die Monotonen, Low Profile Society, M (6), Martin Haidinger, Marvin Kirk, Num Num, Tape (3), TV-Vision, Wundertüte
In their relentless quest for new, exiting artists, London-based label Worm Interface are now introducing Slow Motion Process, by Austrian musician Martin Haidinger, aka Gimmik. Reminiscent of Boards Of Canada, with its intrinsic melodic qualities, and similarities in constitution, or Autechre, with its organic shapes, Slow Motion Process seems inhabited by nature – liquid beats and drop-like sounds form the core body of this record.
No bleeps or noise terrorism in sight. The sophisticated rhythmic constructions are wrapped in luscious waves of warm synthetic silk. From time to time, a voice sample appears, almost unnoticeably moving within the spectre, cloud in an otherwise perfect sky. Or an abrasive resonance, quickly overpowered by the tide.
Sounds are carefully chosen, assembled, and disassociated. The crickets opening RC Units, or the robotic gibberish that follows, the marbles at the beginning of Monitor, similar to the one heard on Autechre’s Krib, imperceptibly morphing into beat, the long reverb at the end of Form2…
The focus here is on undefined cinematic landscapes, leaving behind all notions of time or spatial awareness. The listener is surrounded by complex micro organic life forms-like structures, living in symbiosis in wide-open spaces, interacting with each other. A theory of evolution devoid of any human interference.
Challenging and beautifully crafted, Slow Motion Process is a most promising first release from Gimmik. Haidinger is already proving to be one of the most exiting talents of his generation, taking electronic music far beyond any existing boundaries.