I Found This Bonzai Label classic that the ID is unknown for me

I Found This Bonzai Label classic that the ID is unknown for me


I Found This classic that the ID is unknown for me but i listen in 90s in a lot of clubs .Anybody knows what name ID Is It?..

i only know that is from Bonzai Label and Metadata following but i fails to find more:

“Disco storia Bonzai records” from Album sconosciuto (20/10/2004 17.07.13) by Disco storia Bonzai records. Track 8.

Apreciate if you knows something about it contact me in any social network you find the links in the left side top of this page..or simply make a post in http://reddit.com/r/oldtechno

Bonzai Records: Belgian Hardcore, Techno, Trance and Hard Trance label, founded in 1992.

Former sublabel of Lightning Records. In 2003 the mothercompany went bankrupt and a new company was started by former employees: Banshee Worx. The Bonzai label changed its name to Bonzai Music under the company Backcatalogue BVBA which is where the Bonzai Records catalog numbering continues.


Since the founding of Banshee Worx in 2003 the musical direction has changed from Trance over Progressive Trance to Progressive House. Today, in 2014, Bonzai Progressive releases Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno and Chill Out under its various Sublabels: Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks, Eyepatch, Bonzai Elemental, Green Martian, Progrez, Piston Recordings, Monog Records and Sounds R Us Recordings.
EU Label Code LC 12793


Bonzai Back Catalog, Bonzai Compilation, Bonzai Records UK, UK Bonzai


Parent Label:
Lightning Records


Contact Info:

Backcatalogue BVBA
Sander De Vosstraat 46
2500 Koningshooikt / Lier
Tel….: +32-3-2959280 or +32-3-2959282
E-Mail: info@bonzaiprogressive.com



http:// bonzaiprogressive.tumblr.com

Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube


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