Old Abstract Ambient Drone Music Mix Free trip but maybe with no return

Free trip but maybe with no return, kidnapping by UFOs, entering before in a black hole to ending your way travelling to the future, but unfortunable going down to hell finally, where they are waitting for you since decades.

They said me: || Now!! They Already HAS YOU!! :-€ ||


Old Abstract Ambient Drone Music Mix Free trip but maybe with no return

I offer a free trip with all expenses paid and could be without return…from your house going out to the park so happy…kidnapped by the UFOs…entering in a black hole to get your end in the future, going down to hell.

Do you Want something else?

Because only costs 1 play pulse and if possible get Headphones & 1 hour and a half.  you Haven’t “&%$·&$↕╚…s”. Hahaha : -P

I’m joking…Since I Tasted that styles merges , they gave me for trying/learning to mix this so different music itselves … I’m crazy in love… it’s music in its majority from 90’s… perfect abstract electronic intelligent…

Ofrezco un viaje gratis con todos los gastos pagados y podria ser sin retorno…desde tu casa saliendo al parke tan feliz ..secuestrado por los ovnis ..eentrando en gargantua agujeroi negro para acabar en el futuro bajando a los infiernos..os hace a alguiien??… pues solo play y si se puede unos auriculares

Una hora y media..no teneis .web…s jaja 😛
Es broma..desde ke me dio por intentar mezckar esta musika…estoy viciadisimo y decidido a aprender sobre ello mas…es musica en su mayoria de los 90’s.


La musica..no la mezcla 😀

Last Days Podcasts Mixes

Last Days Podcasts Mixes


Last ambient techno idm Podcasts sep 2017

Last ambient techno idm Podcasts sep 2017

Techno hard and hypnotic last mixes

Mythic Monkey Mix (1,2,3 & 4) Podcasts


Last ambient techno idm Podcasts sep 2017

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Actress ‎- R.I.P (2012) Flac Full Album Direct Download!! ONLY4U ;-))

01 - R.I.P..flac                   16-May-2017 05:27     7.5M
02 - Ascending.flac                16-May-2017 05:29     15.0M
02 - Ascending.mp3                 16-May-2017 06:27     3.3M
03 - Holy Water.flac               16-May-2017 05:30     10.7M
03 - Holy Water.mp3                16-May-2017 06:28     3.3M
04 - Marble Plexus.flac            16-May-2017 05:35     30.1M
04 - Marble Plexus.mp3             16-May-2017 06:28     5.0M
05 - Uriel's Black Harp.flac       16-May-2017 05:38     16.9M
05 - Uriel's Black Harp.mp3        16-May-2017 06:27     3.3M
06 - Jardin.flac                   16-May-2017 05:47     33.7M
06 - Jardin.mp3                    16-May-2017 06:27     12.2M
07 - Serpent.flac                  16-May-2017 05:51     20.7M
08 - Shadow From Tartarus.flac     16-May-2017 05:55     30.4M
08 - Shadow From Tartarus.mp3      16-May-2017 06:28     8.8M
09 - Tree Of Knowledge.flac        16-May-2017 05:58     26.0M
09 - Tree Of Knowledge.mp3         16-May-2017 06:27     6.3M
10 - Raven.flac                    16-May-2017 06:02     27.8M
11 - Glint.flac                    16-May-2017 06:02     3.5M
11 - Glint.mp3                     16-May-2017 06:28     962.0K
12 - Caves Of Paradise.flac        16-May-2017 06:06     25.7M
12 - Caves Of Paradise.mp3         16-May-2017 06:28     6.9M
13 - The Lord's Graffiti.flac      16-May-2017 06:14     20.8M
14 - N.E.W..flac                   16-May-2017 06:16     22.3M
15 - IWAAD.flac                    16-May-2017 06:26     35.9M
R.I.P2012_archive.torrent          16-May-2017 06:26     16.8K
R.I.P2012_files.xml                16-May-2017 06:28     9.3K
R.I.P2012_meta.sqlite              16-May-2017 06:26     26.0K
R.I.P2012_meta.xml                 16-May-2017 05:27     637.0B

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