Pleasurable Pain Techno SetList – Chewing on the Beats 2Cuts

Pleasurable Pain Techno Set List – Chewing on the Beats – Various Sessions 

Run Away From Yourself…with Electronic Music…o)))


31337 Techno Session ((NEW))


[Binary Soul System] Antikythera Mechanism (Set)





(CMI.36) Brighter Death Now – Necrose Evangelicum Full Length Album

(CMI.36) Brighter Death NowNecrose Evangelicum Full Length Album (1994)

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Brighter Death Now” is the personal project of Roger Karmanik, founder of Cold Meat Industry

Other Aliases: Bodies Drowned Natural, Bomb The Daynursery, Lille Roger, Roger Karmanik, The Swedish Nature

Oficcial Sites:

(CMI.36) Brighter Death Now – Necrose Evangelicum Full Length Album (1994)

Brighter Death Now ‎- Necrose Evangelicum
Label:Cold Meat Industry – CMI.36
Format:CD, Album, Limited Edition
Style:Industrial, Noise, Experimental

Tracklist “Necrose Evangelicum”

1 Wilful 6:59
2 Soul In Flames 7:43
3 Impasse 10:03
4 Rain, Red Rain 8:15
5 Deathgrant 9:06
6 Necrose Evangelicum 5:58


Someone Review:

A bit of an underrated facet of his work, BDN’s best moments seem to revolve around Roger Karmanik’s real love for guttural, low-frequency murkiness that still reveals its raw, synthetic or sampled, origins. Usually called his more ” dark ambient” work (vs. the vocal agression of Obsessis or Innerwar), this side is seen in full force in his older work with Pain in Progress and the Great Death series. Promotes some real strong subconscious fear all the way. Overall, it’s a more effective and long-lasting tactic in my opinion.

“The music comes chrome subrealist like the new liquid polished”

“The music comes chrome subrealist like the new liquid polished”

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Included Songs in the Mix the Follow Tracks ID 

Boy Robot – Asthmatic Detroit Car
Bitstream – retreat pod
Arpanet – Wireless
Lobe – Placebo
Anthony Rother – Back Home
slam – cirklon bells
anthony Rother – bio mechanik
Carl Craig – Red Lights
Elypixa – Remembrancehiphop
Asphodela – Plasma Springs
blind summit – magellanic clouds
Old Apparatus – Holding
5T4515 – 5P4C3 1993
anthony rother – the night of the gods
flying steps – we are robotic
214 – Dew Drops
Arpanet – Infinite Density
ASC – Focus Inwards
Auxiliar – Blood
Boy Robot – Bass Booze
Collapsicon – Six
Covered In Sand – Russian Gold & Blood Diamonds
Detroit In Effect – Never Ending Beat
Dryft – Transmission
Flying Steps – The Wizard (Jetset Remix)
Micro Controlled Corp – Life Style
Opaline – Hologram Ocean
Prurient – While Out Hunting
Sam KDC – Incarcerate
Silicon Scally – entron
Umwelt – Future Darkness [2014 Vision]
Influx – Love Song
Arbre Noir – Artefact (2001)
Asphodela – Plasma Springs
Sevenum6 – Sevenum Six – Locked by the Acid
Covered In Sand – Russian Gold & Blood Diamonds
Narcotic 303 – Aquatic Outro

Pleasurable Pain Music | Spain | 15 Abril 2018
i have no idea of how mixing differents styles and bpms all in one session without altered bpms any, and getting a fine there are something inside me wich prevents me from being ashamed i uoload all recs overflow free allthat is the proof of concept while i hope learning anything…trying for learning some..i hope so.. but electro gems 100 % quallity 5 stars inside this mix for sureless..o))