Domenico Crisci presents Issue N Twelve [JG12] Techno EBM Industrial 2017

Domenico Crisci presents Issue N° Twelve [JG12]

Domenico Crisci presents Issue N° Twelve [JG12] Techno EBM Industrial 2017

Techno EBM Industrial 2017

Domenico Crisci – Issue N° Twelve [JG12]

Label:Jealous God ‎- JG12
Format:Vinyl, 12″ Country:UK
Released:25 Jul 2016
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno, EBM, Industrial

Tracklist “Issue N° Twelve” by “Domenico Crisci

  • A1 Unknown Body
  • A2 Seagulls Scream
  • B1 Black Birds Over Naples
  • B2 Alte Tanz
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Pris – Faith & Honour [SEMANTICA89]

Label: Semantica Records
Catalogue: SEMANTICA89
Format: 12″ Vinyl, digital
Genre: Electronic Style: Techno
Release date: 04th of October 2017

Tracklist “Faith & Honour” by “Pris”

1. Etiquette
2. Grace
3. Pulk
4. Monument


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  109. Grischa Lichtenberger – Graviton – cx (rigid transmission). SEMANTICA 37
  110. Inigo Kennedy – Vignettes (One). SEMANTICA 35 Inigo Kennedy
  111. DjF – Reflection For The Ubiquity. SEMANTICA 34 DjF
  112. Mike Parker – Thermo. SEMANTICA 32 Mike Parker
  113. Morphology – Euclidean Algorithm. SEMANTICA 31 Morphology
  114. Silent Servant – El Mar (Svreca Remixes). SEMANTICA 21.5 Silent Servant
  115. Silent Servant – El Mar. SEMANTICA 21 Silent Servant
  116. Svreca – Seda Muerta (Female Remix). SEMANTI
  117. CA 18S Svreca
  118. Svreca – Obscur. Alternative. SEMANTICA 18Y Svreca
  119. Svreca – Obscur. Initial. SEMANTICA 18X Svreca
  120. Svreca – Obscur. SEMANTICA 18 Svreca
  121. Various – 126a. SEMANTICA 01
  122. Specter / Jose Rico. Our Own Organization. SEMANTICA 46
  123. Skirt – Tumulto (Shifted Remix Part One). SEMANTICA 27B Skirt

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Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Old Techno 90s Full Tracks Collection

Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Old Techno 90s Full Tracks Collection “38 Songs

| OLDSCHOOL HARD TRIBAL TECHNO |Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Old Techno 90s Full Tracks Collection


Gaetek is a Italian DJ and producer. One of the founders of the Naples Techno scene & responsible for Conform Records. He Made Many Awesome Techno Releases in 90’s Years.


Include Refs. from Southsoul, Drumcode, ART, Zenit, Conform & More OLD Techno Labels. =========================================================

Gaetek Full English Info: (((DISCOGS GAETEK INFO)))

Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Old Techno 90s Full Tracks Collection 38 Songs | OLDSCHOOL 90'S HARD TRIBAL TECHNO

“Napolitan by birth, Gaetano Parisio (also known as Gaetek) has been playing since 1993, and since his first days he has lived installed in the sound that defines him today: mono-loops techno, amphetamine and immediate for the masses.

In 1996, he released his first album in Design Music, one of the first labels of his friend and co-producer Marco Carola, who is the standard-bearer of the Italian scene in which Gaetek is located. Quickly your material starts to be edited in important labels like Primate or the Swedish Planet Ryhthm.

This rapid rise as a producer allows him to found his own company, Conform, shortly afterwards. Conform is established as one of the most respected techno labels by dj’s and public, thanks to the quality of the records that appear signed by himself and by artists of the stature of The Advent, Adam Beyer or Carola.

With the latter, Gaetano produces under the alias C & G South System, and his maxis are edited in Conform, Drumcode and Billy Nasty’s British Tortured. Template, Colours, Kobayashi and Cloned are other labels to which Parisio has given his productions.

At the end of 1998 he founded his second company, Art, where according to him he can express 100% of his understanding of electronic music. All references of the label are signed by himself and repeated in the techno percutivo.

With its latest label, South Soul, inaugurated at the end of 2000, Gaetano gives free rein to its house side but without any kind of lindezas.

More or less as he behaves behind the Technics, Gaetano is one of the flagships of Naples’ original sound, unfolding those sessions to three courses with an elevated and forceful technical component”

Spanish Gaetek Full Info: (((DISCOGS GAETEK INFO)))

“Napolitano de nacimiento, Gaetano Parisio (también conocido como Gaetek) lleva desde 1993 pinchando, y desde sus primeros días vive instalado en el sonido que le define hoy en día: techno de mono-loops, anfetamínico e inmediato para las masas.

En 1996 publica su primer disco en Design Music, uno de los primeros sellos de su amigo y compañero de producción Marco Carola, abanderado de la escena italiana en la que se encuentra Gaetek. Rápidamente su material comienza a ser editado en importantes labels como Primate o el sueco Planet Ryhthm.

Esta rápida ascensión como productor le permite fundar su propia compañía, Conform, al poco tiempo. Conform se establece como uno de los sellos techno más respetados por dj’s y público, gracias a la calidad de los discos que aparecen firmados por él mismo y por artistas de la talla de The Advent, Adam Beyer o Carola.

Con este último, Gaetano produce bajo el alias C & G South System, y sus maxis se editan en Conform, Drumcode y el británico Tortured de Billy Nasty. Template, Colours, Kobayashi y Cloned son otros sellos a los que Parisio ha entregado sus producciones.

A finales de 1998 funda su segunda compañía, Art, donde según él puede expresar al 100% su manera de entender la música electrónica. Todas las referencias del sello van firmadas por él mismo y reinciden en el techno percutivo.

Con su último sello, South Soul, inaugurado a finales de 2000, Gaetano da rienda suelta a su vertiente más house aunque sin lindezas de ningún tipo. Más o menos como se comporta tras los Technics, Gaetano es uno de los estandartes del original sonido de Nápoles, desplegando esas sesiones a tres platos con un componente técnico elevado y contundente”

Aliases: Faces, Gaetek, Lash
In Groups: C & G Southsystem, Shock System


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