Techno 1996 Rotor Type presents Suck It Vinyl Planet Rhythm Records 016

Techno 1996 Rotor Type presents Suck It Vinyl Planet Rhythm Records 016

[PRR016] Rotor Type – Suck It [Techno 1996]

Techno 1996 Rotor Type presents Suck It Vinyl Planet Rhythm Records 016

Label:Planet Rhythm Records ‎– PRR 016
Format:Vinyl, 12″, EP


Tracklist “Suck It EP” by “Rotortype”

  • A1 Rotortype ‎- Flares
  • B1 Rotortype ‎- Gimme’ Head
  • B2 Rotortype ‎- Suck It !

Rotortype is Real Name: Kari Pekka Lekebusch

Aliases: Agent Orange, Braincell, C-Blast, Cari Lekebusch, Cerebus, Crushed Insect, DJ

Mystiska K, Fred, Kari Pekka, Magenta, Mentap, Mr. James Barth, Mystic Letter K,

Phunkey Rhythm Doctor, Rubberneck, Shape Changer, Sir Jeremy Augustus Hutley Of

Granith Hall, Szerementa Programs, The Mantis , Vector, Yakari.

((lekebuschmusik Website))





Planet Rhythm Records Old Vinyl Techno Artist Savinto | Disclosure EP 1998

Planet Rhythm Records Old Vinyl Techno Artist Savinto | Disclosure EP 1998

Savinto ‎- Disclosure EP [PRRUK015] [Techno 98]

Label:Planet Rhythm Records ‎- PRRUK015
Format:Vinyl, 12″, EP
Country:UK Released:1998
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno


Tracklist “Disclosure EP” BY “Savinto”

  • A1 Disclosure Pt 1 4:16
  • A2 Disclosure Pt 2 5:08
  • B These Guys 4:06

Savinto Real Name: Gregor Zemljič & Miha Klemenčič

Aliases: aa , Amderma, Anorak, Jeremdam, Medvedek Robotek, Paldrame, Postor, Random

Logic, Tadpole

Members: Gregor Zemljič, Miha Klemenčič


Run Away From Yourself…with Electronic Techno Music…o))))




Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Suprema EP 2002 Old Techno 90s Music

Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Suprema EP 2002 Old Techno 90s Music

Gaetano Parisio – Suprema EP (2002)

Label:Conform ‎- CNFR17
Format:Vinyl, 12″ Country:Italy Released:2002
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno, Minimal

Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Suprema EP 2002 Old Techno 90s Music

Gaetano (Gaetek) is a Italian DJ and producer. One of the founders of the Naples Techno scene & responsible for Conform Records.

Aliases: Faces, Gaetek, Lash, Gaetano Pariso, Gateano

Site: In Groups: C & G Southsystem, Shock System

(2002) “Gaetano Parisio” ‎- “Suprema”

Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek

“Napolitan by birth, Gaetano Parisio – also known as Gaetek – has been playing since 1993, and since his earliest days he lives in the sound that defines him today: mono-loops, amphetamine and instant techno for the masses.

In 1996 he published his first album in Design Music, one of the first labels of his friend and production partner Marco Carola, the standard bearer of the Italian scene in which Gaetek is.

Quickly his material begins to be published in important labels like Primate or the Swedish Planet Ryhthm. This rapid rise as a producer allows him to start his own company, Conform, soon.

Conform is established as one of the most respected techno labels by dj’s and public, thanks to the quality of the discs that appear signed by himself and by artists of the stature of The Advent, Adam Beyer or Carola. With this last one, Gaetano produces under the alias C & G South System, and its maxis are published in Conform, Drumcode and the British Tortured of Billy Nasty. Template, Colors, Kobayashi and Cloned are other stamps to which Parisio has delivered his productions.

At the end of 1998 he founded his second company, Art, where according to him he can express 100% his way of understanding electronic music. All the references of the seal are signed by himself and recur in the percussive techno.

With its latest label, South Soul, inaugurated in late 2000, Gaetano unleashes its most house slope but without any kindness. More or less how he behaves after the Technics, Gaetano is one of the standards of the original sound of Naples, displaying these sessions to three plates with a high technical component and forceful “

Spanish Version Review (Source

“Napolitano de nacimiento, Gaetano Parisio -también conocido como Gaetek- lleva desde 1993 pinchando, y desde sus primeros días vive instalado en el sonido que le define hoy en día: techno de mono-loops, anfetamínico e inmediato para las masas.

En 1996 publica su primer disco en Design Music, uno de los primeros sellos de su amigo y compañero de producción Marco Carola, abanderado de la escena italiana en la que se encuentra Gaetek.

Rápidamente su material comienza a ser editado en importantes labels como Primate o el sueco Planet Ryhthm. Esta rápida ascensión como productor le permite fundar su propia compañía, Conform, al poco tiempo.

Conform se establece como uno de los sellos techno más respetados por dj’s y público, gracias a la calidad de los discos que aparecen firmados por él mismo y por artistas de la talla de The Advent, Adam Beyer o Carola. Con este último, Gaetano produce bajo el alias C & G South System, y sus maxis se editan en Conform, Drumcode y el británico Tortured de Billy Nasty. Template, Colours, Kobayashi y Cloned son otros sellos a los que Parisio ha entregado sus producciones.

A finales de 1998 funda su segunda compañía, Art, donde según él puede expresar al 100% su manera de entender la música electrónica. Todas las referencias del sello van firmadas por él mismo y reinciden en el techno percutivo.

Con su último sello, South Soul, inaugurado a finales de 2000, Gaetano da rienda suelta a su vertiente más house aunque sin lindezas de ningún tipo. Más o menos como se comporta tras los Technics, Gaetano es uno de los estandartes del original sonido de Nápoles, desplegando esas sesiones a tres platos con un componente técnico elevado y contundente”

Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek Suprema EP 2002 Old Techno 90s Music


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Abstract Techno Tracks 260 Tunes For Listen Everywhere

Abstract Techno Tracks (260 Tunes) For Listen Everywhere

Dark Techno Music Grooves Various Artists Compilation Playlist

Full Playlist ID Track [Playlists Techno Abstracts Selection Quality Sorted]

  1. Hironori Takahashi – Orgaza
  2. Electric Rescue – Apus (Wind EP)
  3. Lakker – Containing A thousand
  4. Korridor – Dyson Sphere (Cassergrain Swarm Version)
  5. Kangding Ray – Sparte
  6. Rrose – Drowned By Sight
  7. Tapage – One Of Eight
  8. Answerd Code request – Corps The Ballet
  9. Burial + Four Tet – Nova
  10. Claro Intelecto – Fighting The Blind Man
  11. Conforce – Depth Over Distance
  12. CWA – Conducting The Method
  13. Lahher – Dryad
  14. Plaster – Circular Mechanism
  15. Akkor – Continuum
  16. Kerridge – WOSN
  17. Ochre – Infinite BookendsLakker – Coal BAth (Skirt Remix)
  18. Jonnas Kopp – 55 Dias
  19. Jonnas Kopp – El ALva, Vos y Yo
  20. Haerts – Wings (Shlomo Remix)
  21. #.4.26 – South Harlem
  22. Objekt – One Fell Swoop
  23. Exium – Mantra
  24. Violet Poison – You Should Suffer For The Truth
  25. Forest People – Istambul District 2
  26. Funxtion – Inmmolare (Osaka Version)
  27. Blind Summit – Blissful Oblivion
  28. Violet Poison – Visone
  29. Moin – ElsieTraumer – Louve
  30. These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker Remix)
  31. Black Rain – Biotechno 1 & 2
  32. Dalhous – You Dont Know What You Whant , Do You?
  33. Raime – Your Cast Will Tire
  34. Vatican Shadow – Enter Paradise
  35. Vessels – Glass Lake
  36. Somaticae – Pointless (Mondkopf Remix)
  37. Burial – Shell Of Life (Sholomo Remix)
  38. Shxcchcxsh – Lttlwlf
  39. Slangsdorf – Fruhstuck
  40. Sholomo – Put it
  41. Sholomo – Emerge From SMoke
  42. Monoton – She Past Away
  43. Senking – Chainsawfish
  44. P.A.L.M 42 – Scmore
  45. Shackleton – Silver Keys
  46. Aglaia – Magnitudine Stellare
  47. Ronan Hardiman – Celtic Dream
  48. Plaster -Seber
  49. Passion – Ortrotasce
  50. Prism – Pastel Ghost
  51. Peter Van Hoesen – Seventy Secrets
  52. Profligate – Finding The Floor
  53. Parallel – Seventh Moon (Eschaton Remix)
  54. Ntogn – Mana
  55. Ntogn – Maenad
  56. Northen Structures – Skarregak
  57. Mondkopf – Absences
  58. Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)
  59. Modwheelmood – Things Will CHange (Kangding Ray Remix)
  60. Mod21 – Self-awareness
  61. Acid SPirit – Mega Drive
  62. Mas Teeveh – Time Loop
  63. Luigi Tozzi – Bioluminiscence (Deepbass remix)
  64. VHS Glitch – Night Slasher II
  65. Lori – Cut
  66. Inigo Kennedy – Insist (Donor Remix)
  67. Function – Modifier
  68. Hante. – Beyond The Waves
  69. Function & Inland – Odeon
  70. Edit Select – Receptor
  71. Eschaton – Aphelian
  72. Exium – Droid (Tripeo Remix)Exium – Flood Runner
  73. Dryft –
  74. Dynatron – Cosmo Black
  75. Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing
  76. Dorian Gray – Nytophilia
  77. Conforce – Wave Trace
  78. Coushin – Opulence (Svreca Remix)
  79. DNGLS – Encolvee (Edite Select Remix)
  80. Slam – Visual Capture

PERFECT ATMOSPHERE STREAM (320 Tracks Compilation) []


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