Chema Nox Techno

Chema Nox - Live set session podcast (13 - 08 - 17)

Chema Nox Techno

Chema Nox Techno Sets @ Estudio Vitoria

Chema Nox is a Techno Artist Dj and producer from north of Spain with experience since The Magics and unforgetables 90’s years.

His Techno Is Fast, Hard & Industrial Underground with strong Influence of oldschool Techno, His tastes and tecnique is quality Fine specially with Vinyl supports.

In Latest 90‘s His oportunity arrived, and he is contrated by an emergent night club situated in north of Spain called “Orosco Club

He will be resident in the specific Techno dancefloor place inside “OROSCO” Called “NOX” along several years. His aka is a Tribute for his Roots. His first Name “Chema” with his first Club “Nox“.

Years Later, thanks for his quality mixes, he starts being most well known arrounf the local scene, and He will be resident in some great clubs of Vitoria like can be “PRAVDA“.

He always has a reserved space and time for his ivesets in the “Electrosonic festival” in Burgos, in “Kubik Vitoria and Others Well Known Techno Festivals.

Among the last years, He’s Resident Dj From “jimmy Jazz” and Others Techno Events and sites In Vitoria, Gasteiz (Spain)


Chema Nox Techno Sets @ Estudio June 2017 [Proofs X1 + SoundByte]

  • Techno Set (15-06-2017)

  • Techno Set (22-06-2017)

Chema Has Shared Scenary With Almost All the Top Elite Techno Legends, Like Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Exium, Reeko, Wünsch and many others.

He has the power that gives the living experience of hundreds and hundreds lives since 90’s to nowadays, each year, each month, each weekend, you can imagine what he is able to do wih his thousands of vinyls that he has collected for 20 years + All His experience :-).

Really He don’t mix music, He is more close to surfing THE WAVES OF TECHNO.

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