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Opal Tapes / Stroboscopic Artefacts / Semantica Records RealTime Feeds

Dynamic Feeds Music

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OPAL TAPES INFORMATION STUFF & Myself Thoughts (Only My Opinion)

Opal Tapes Label RealTime Feed ..Get In Your Mozilla Bookmarker or Any Rss Client Program Automatic Fedd (Netvives, Feedburner...) ..All The Info+Releases And Official Posts, News And Artists Communications From The Official Central Label . Find In Live Mode For Not Lossing Any interestinng Contest From Our Favorite Lover Underground Experimental Dark Techno Idm Abstract Industrial Glitch Drone Electro Label..

Dynamic Feeds Music

Opal Tapes ...It’s Different, It’s For Those Enjoying With Discovering New Sounds for The Ears, Who Are Bored For The Similars Tracks Running In NowAdays..Who Enjoys With The Perfect Noise inside The perfect Melody…With In Most Of Cases Arrives with any class of beats or percussion who could be asyncronous or Perhaps Not At All, Even Adding a Fucking Reverberation playing Shyfted Beating The Other Rhythm’s Intenttions.It Would Be too much Boringm If It Would Be With Other Form!!!
Giving You Under Tis Spels …. Finally Surrending It To The emotional Feeling Who Gives Being able to witness for A Paradox Of The concept of a Pretty Noises Sounds To Mesmestering You with the Music .Dynamic Feeds Music

Always Bets With A Differents Point Of View For The Electronic Music, Taking For that A Little Risks, To Bring Us A Fresh Innovations Festivals Of Electronic Pleasures…Creating The Less Obvious Stuff…Opposite Of The Mainstreams Channels Who Really Sucks Day by Day.. Puaggg….

Playing Experimental Electronic Music..From Extremes of Industrial Noises Styles with a Perfect Touch Of a lover Dark Ambient Abstracts Music Influences painting The Reality With a Dark But Beautiful Paints Became into Deep Sounds Induces Your mind Dreaming Awake .. Or Dying Alive… Or give You The live when you are Dead…..Surfing The Music Beat’s Waves Of The Pure Distorsions!….. See You In The Next Post .. 😉 …..O))))))))

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