Old Apparatus Drone Ambient Glitch Dub IDM Tribal Industrial Music

Old Apparatus Drone Ambient Glitch Dub IDM Tribal Industrial Music

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I have discovered Old Apparatus thanks to a post from Rover Beration. The act’s music intrigued me a lot and I ended up listening to the whole discography together with the discography of members LTO and Asher Levitas.


Old Apparatus Drone Ambient Glitch Dub IDM Tribal Industrial Music Project

“Old Apparatus” releases may be described as follows:

  • Epirtsder” as Drone Ambient Glitch Dub IDM Tribal Industrial.
  • Alfur” as Drone Ambient Glitch IDM Dub Dubstep.
  • Harem” as Drone Ambient IDM Tribal Industrial.
  • Realise” & “Derren” as Drone Ambient Dubstep IDM Industrial.

Sullen Tone UK

Old Apparatus Drone Ambient Glitch Dub IDM Tribal Industrial Music Project



cradle of filth cruelty and the beast total fucking darkness remastered 2002

Cradle of Filth Cruelty & The Beast – Total Fucking Darkness [Remastered 2002]




Cradle of Filth Cruelty & The Beast – Total Fucking Darkness

Space-Music streaming mixes compilation youtube playlist (Auto-updated)

Perturbator - I Am The Night-Abstract Darkwave Synth-pop Electro Scene



Beynon Archival ‎- Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture

Beynon Archival ‎- Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture

Label:I Had An Accident Records ‎- ih125

Beynon Archival ‎- Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture
Format:Cassette, Album, c48
Country:US Released:06 May 2013
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Ambient, Abstract

The sounds of ghosts. Beynon Archival is the found works of the mysterious Beynon School of Audio Architecture. The lost works have been restored after being badly damaged. The erie coldness and warped warble sound bleeds through the restored works. Pieced together and edited only to lend itself to listenability, the historical significance of this album is filled with perspective and appreciation. The imagination can ruin the mind and this album has been defected by the ghosts of our own past. Limited to 50 copies on slime green cassettes

The Beynon School was founded in 1941 by Victor Beynon as an institution extolling the virtues of alternative education. The children aged between 11 and 19 attended the school in the heart of the Devon countryside up until it’s closure on the 29th April 1980.

The Beynon School of Audio Architecture was the department founded in 1959 to explore the relationship between new ever emerging audio possibilities (performative electronics, composition, structure, early sampling techniques) and the moving image. This experimentation peaked in the mid 1960s to the late 1970s. This is the time span that forms the bulk of the surviving archive. The word ‘Architecture’ was employed because of Victor’s ideology that the children should ‘build worlds in relation to visual stimulus that are both organic and solid but at once metaphorical and dream-like’.

A scope that gave some focus while remaining wide enough to encourage experimentation. The school was also a focus for the surrounding community and the local inhabitants made use of the facilities of the school and the audio school proper. Some even adding to the archive.

After Victor’s death in 1992, I, his grandson Gregory inherited the archive and set about exploring its contents. The great majority of the audio-visual archive was destroyed by flooding in 1986 when the archive was being held at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth. However most of the audio material was saved as it was stored above the line of the highest part of the flooding.

In September 1976 Victor wrote the Penguin published book ‘The Beynon School of Audio Architecture’ celebrating the school, it’s ideology and it’s endeavours. The book enjoyed a short but none-the-less popular publishing run.

During the 1980s after the schools closure the department and it’s associated contents relocated to a location on Dartmoor National Park near to the village of Widecombe. Recording and experimentation continued for a short while until 1989 when the department sold it’s assets and closed it’s doors.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what you hear. These recordings reflect both the times and culture in which they were made while retaining the quality of externalising these young peoples internal worlds; for better or for worse.

It is with a degree of regret that some of the archive cannot be accurately dated due to the deterioration of some of the labelling attached to the recorded medium. Time will ravish us all eventually.

Some of what is presented will be the work of Beynon Archival (Mr. G. Beynon) and its associates.

Mr. G. Beynon. Lead Archivist.

All recordings property of Beynon Archival Services and The Beynon School of Audio Architecture, UK.
released May 15, 2013 tags: experimental UK


Christian Fillary – Labelled: The Copse Is Wrought Iron” – March ’77 [1/4 Inch Tape] (B5)

Beynon Archival ‎- Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture

Old Abstract Ambient Drone Music Mix Free trip but maybe with no return

Free trip but maybe with no return, kidnapping by UFOs, entering before in a black hole to ending your way travelling to the future, but unfortunable going down to hell finally, where they are waitting for you since decades.

They said me: || Now!! They Already HAS YOU!! :-€ ||



I offer a free trip with all expenses paid and could be without return…from your house going out to the park so happy…kidnapped by the UFOs…entering in a black hole to get your end in the future, going down to hell.

Do you Want something else?

Because only costs 1 play pulse and if possible get Headphones & 1 hour and a half.  you Haven’t “&%$·&$↕╚…s”. Hahaha : -P

I’m joking…Since I Tasted that styles merges , they gave me for trying/learning to mix this so different music itselves … I’m crazy in love… it’s music in its majority from 90’s… perfect abstract electronic intelligent…

Ofrezco un viaje gratis con todos los gastos pagados y podria ser sin retorno…desde tu casa saliendo al parke tan feliz ..secuestrado por los ovnis ..eentrando en gargantua agujeroi negro para acabar en el futuro bajando a los infiernos..os hace a alguiien??… pues solo play y si se puede unos auriculares

Una hora y media..no teneis .web…s jaja 😛
Es broma..desde ke me dio por intentar mezckar esta musika…estoy viciadisimo y decidido a aprender sobre ello mas…es musica en su mayoria de los 90’s.


La musica..no la mezcla 😀