help Us Making full database of 90s oldtechno music in reddit

Help us Making database of 90s oldtechno music in REDDIT.COM

Not necessary sign up for listen the stuff..only for publishing

((( reddit/r/oldtechno )))

you could be interesting in the archive collection from channel “oldtechno” .. all tracks from 90s and early are storing in list community day by day with date release for rescue or remote streaming, day maybe we have all tracks from oldschool.

The finally is made a list in database channel, free access for eveyone, well stored and organized, easy to use (the feed) , easy to find, google finds easely, does not risk of lost and you can listen to it as a podcast everyplace or make lists etc..using online players wich automatize the playlists,Very useful for crazy people like us


For example this online app let anyone listen infinite playlist from any specific channel this case i preselect oldtechno tracks for playing complete list. 

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