Abstract Techno Tracks 260 Tunes For Listen Everywhere

Abstract Techno Tracks (260 Tunes) For Listen Everywhere

Dark Techno Music Grooves Various Artists Compilation Playlist

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  1. Hironori Takahashi – Orgaza
  2. Electric Rescue – Apus (Wind EP)
  3. Lakker – Containing A thousand
  4. Korridor – Dyson Sphere (Cassergrain Swarm Version)
  5. Kangding Ray – Sparte
  6. Rrose – Drowned By Sight
  7. Tapage – One Of Eight
  8. Answerd Code request – Corps The Ballet
  9. Burial + Four Tet – Nova
  10. Claro Intelecto – Fighting The Blind Man
  11. Conforce – Depth Over Distance
  12. CWA – Conducting The Method
  13. Lahher – Dryad
  14. Plaster – Circular Mechanism
  15. Akkor – Continuum
  16. Kerridge – WOSN
  17. Ochre – Infinite BookendsLakker – Coal BAth (Skirt Remix)
  18. Jonnas Kopp – 55 Dias
  19. Jonnas Kopp – El ALva, Vos y Yo
  20. Haerts – Wings (Shlomo Remix)
  21. #.4.26 – South Harlem
  22. Objekt – One Fell Swoop
  23. Exium – Mantra
  24. Violet Poison – You Should Suffer For The Truth
  25. Forest People – Istambul District 2
  26. Funxtion – Inmmolare (Osaka Version)
  27. Blind Summit – Blissful Oblivion
  28. Violet Poison – Visone
  29. Moin – ElsieTraumer – Louve
  30. These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker Remix)
  31. Black Rain – Biotechno 1 & 2
  32. Dalhous – You Dont Know What You Whant , Do You?
  33. Raime – Your Cast Will Tire
  34. Vatican Shadow – Enter Paradise
  35. Vessels – Glass Lake
  36. Somaticae – Pointless (Mondkopf Remix)
  37. Burial – Shell Of Life (Sholomo Remix)
  38. Shxcchcxsh – Lttlwlf
  39. Slangsdorf – Fruhstuck
  40. Sholomo – Put it
  41. Sholomo – Emerge From SMoke
  42. Monoton – She Past Away
  43. Senking – Chainsawfish
  44. P.A.L.M 42 – Scmore
  45. Shackleton – Silver Keys
  46. Aglaia – Magnitudine Stellare
  47. Ronan Hardiman – Celtic Dream
  48. Plaster -Seber
  49. Passion – Ortrotasce
  50. Prism – Pastel Ghost
  51. Peter Van Hoesen – Seventy Secrets
  52. Profligate – Finding The Floor
  53. Parallel – Seventh Moon (Eschaton Remix)
  54. Ntogn – Mana
  55. Ntogn – Maenad
  56. Northen Structures – Skarregak
  57. Mondkopf – Absences
  58. Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)
  59. Modwheelmood – Things Will CHange (Kangding Ray Remix)
  60. Mod21 – Self-awareness
  61. Acid SPirit – Mega Drive
  62. Mas Teeveh – Time Loop
  63. Luigi Tozzi – Bioluminiscence (Deepbass remix)
  64. VHS Glitch – Night Slasher II
  65. Lori – Cut
  66. Inigo Kennedy – Insist (Donor Remix)
  67. Function – Modifier
  68. Hante. – Beyond The Waves
  69. Function & Inland – Odeon
  70. Edit Select – Receptor
  71. Eschaton – Aphelian
  72. Exium – Droid (Tripeo Remix)Exium – Flood Runner
  73. Dryft – B.prof
  74. Dynatron – Cosmo Black
  75. Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing
  76. Dorian Gray – Nytophilia
  77. Conforce – Wave Trace
  78. Coushin – Opulence (Svreca Remix)
  79. DNGLS – Encolvee (Edite Select Remix)
  80. Slam – Visual Capture

PERFECT ATMOSPHERE STREAM (320 Tracks Compilation) [Archive.org]


Hold On Listen To Some Livesets With Some Years Old!!    

                      Post contains several Hours oldschool Techno Lives!!!

Oldschool 90’s Hard Techno Livesets Underground Detroit Sessions

Protected: (((Only Subscribers))) R.I.P Album Glitch Techno Experimental by Actress Vinyl 2012 HQ Streaming [[PASSWORED]]

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album selections by well-known electronic music pioneers and a few rare

album selections by well-known electronic music pioneers and a few rare obscurities

album selections by well-known electronic music pioneers and a few rare obscurities

Various ‎- Electronic Panorama: Paris, Tokyo, Utrecht, Warszawa

Label: Philips ‎– 6526 003/004/005/006
Format:4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Box Set Country: Netherlands
Released: 1970
Genre: Electronic

Studio Eksperymentalne Polskie Radio
1 Krzysztof Penderecki Psalmus 5:05
2 Andrzej Dobrowolski Musique Pour Bande Magnétique Et Hautbois Solo 9:00
3 Arne Nordheim Solitaire 11:00
4 Włodzimierz Kotoński Microstructures 5:20
5 Bogusław Schaeffer Symphonie 17:40

Various ‎- Elektronická Hudba

A partly instructional record, showcasing electronic techniques, album selections by well-known electronic music pioneers, and a few rare obscurities.

Krzysztof Penderecki

Krzysztof Penderecki (b. Dębica, Poland, 23 Nov 1933) is a Polish composer and conductor. He studied composition privately with Franciszek Skołyszewski and then (1954–8) with Malawski and Wiechowicz at the State Higher School of Music (now the Academy) in Kraków. Later, he joined the staff of the school as a teacher of composition.
His first major success came in 1959 when Strofy, Emanacje and Psalmy Dawida were awarded the top three prizes at a competition organized by the Union of Polish Composers.
Soon afterwards he came to the attention of publisher Hermann Moeck and Heinrich Strobel, director of the music division at SWF.
As the director of the Donaueschingen Music Days, Strobel commissioned several of Penderecki’s works and Penderecki earned subsequently a reputation as one of the most innovative composers of his generation, especially for his experiments in notation, the perception of time, and extended instrumental techniques.

album selections by well-known electronic music pioneers and a few rare

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Various Artists Full Oldschool Techno Music Releases 90s Techno Vinyls

Recent Uploads!! Techno Oldschool Tracks

Various Artists Full Oldschool Techno Music Releases 90s Techno Vinyls(((OLDTECHNO NETWORK REPORT)))

Various Artists Full Oldschool Techno Music Releases 90s Techno

The Art Of Paradox Management Techno Underground Music

Back To Hard, Fast & Wondefull Rhythms from 90’s decade | The unforgetables 90’s, the perfect place & exact time For The growing of Electronics Music Styles & Yes!! for our loved “Techno”!!!

Inexhaustible source of magical originality , good tastes, Hard work, experimenting, desire of making Something fresh, different, Taking some risks for try to fusioning any Music’s Influences from others far places.

Or maybe from not so farrest, simply other big urban places to 200 o 300 miles away, where other different culture movement was rising but was very difficult to exchange anything ,news, xperiences, cultures, music, etc for someone with a normal money economity…

.in that moment when the Communications and Digital electronic technology were making possible to connecting with the whole world in 1 second, New awesome applications were created everyday, day by day, powerful personal computers with infinty posibilities, with new apps for also making noise…or also making music ,,

yes making music with that electronic noises..trying to use the malfunction error of one electronic machine when forcing a signals, or interact with any external energy/influence that change it..using this instant error/bug/glitch/distortsion/reverberation/etc etc .. for making music…nobody could had imagine that those mistakes will be used for the practice aplication for what never were created….for making music,
A perfect paradox for 1 unique Style

Incredible new sounds from other countries fusioning , a lot of desinterested people making new sounds, a lot of unknown “artists” whom made only a few songs in 90s years, and never seen before but with so much fine tastes for merged!!…Unlimited stuff ..never ending discover old electronics tracks for there.

I think that the artists enjoyed so much discovering the new Magical technology….That the consecuence is that with that good energy , inspired the inner creativity of experimenting and the results of that power concentration and pleasure job generates a genuine & awesome pieces of music, Much of then hidden in a hole of internet.

….Yes 90’s decade..Gracias!

A QUESTION … What Happened when 21ST CENTURY Changed??

Really, I’m begin thinking, Maybe The 2000 Effect Finally Made Something Bad Mistery!

Paradox Management In Cincopa Techno Mix Concept Mixes Sets Podcasts

Recent Techno Oldschool Tracks Uploaded || Back To Hard, Fast & Wondefull Rhythms Old Days | 90’s Cool!!!  ||
  • 1. Damon Wild ‎- Rotary [Techno 1998]
  • 2. DisX3 – [Auto/Cycle EP] (Techno 2000)
  • 3. Chris Liebing ‎- The Remixes: Part 2 [2004 Old Techno]
  • 4.  Damon Wild ‎- 13 (Year Old Girl) [MM 080] (Techno 2001)
  • 5.  Steve Stoll ‎- Slice Of Life E.P [Techno 2003]
  • 6.  [Tresor67] Holy Ghost – Electra Spectre (Techno 1997)
    7. Huge Playlist OLDTechno||PercyX, Slam,Beltram,Ho…

1. Damon Wild ‎- Rotary [Techno 1998]

1. Damon Wild ‎- Rotary (Regis Remix) [Techno 1998]

2. DisX3 – [Auto/Cycle EP] (Techno 2000)

3. Chris Liebing ‎- The Remixes: Part 2 [2004 Old Techno]

4. Damon Wild ‎- 13 (Year Old Girl) [MM 080] (Techno 2001)

5. Steve Stoll ‎- Slice Of Life E.P [Techno 2003]

6. [Tresor67] Holy Ghost – Electra Spectre (Techno 1997)

7. PLAYLIST OLD Electronic MUSIC || Percy X, Slam, Joey Beltram, Oliver Ho, Joel Mull, Anton Pieere, Chris McCormack, Pascal F.E.O.S, Steve Bicknell, HMC, Regis, Surgeon, Loktibrada, Octave One, Luke Slater, Obscurum, Jeroen, Inigo Kennedy, Damon Wild, Function, And Much More…

Various Artists Full Oldschool Techno Music Releases 90s Techno Vinyls

(((OLDTECHNO NETWORK REPORT)))Various Artists Full Oldschool Techno Music Releases 90s Techno Vinyls(((HOME)))

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