Abstract Techno Tracks 260 Tunes For Listen Everywhere

Abstract Techno Tracks (260 Tunes) For Listen Everywhere

Dark Techno Music Grooves Various Artists Compilation Playlist

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  1. Hironori Takahashi – Orgaza
  2. Electric Rescue – Apus (Wind EP)
  3. Lakker – Containing A thousand
  4. Korridor – Dyson Sphere (Cassergrain Swarm Version)
  5. Kangding Ray – Sparte
  6. Rrose – Drowned By Sight
  7. Tapage – One Of Eight
  8. Answerd Code request – Corps The Ballet
  9. Burial + Four Tet – Nova
  10. Claro Intelecto – Fighting The Blind Man
  11. Conforce – Depth Over Distance
  12. CWA – Conducting The Method
  13. Lahher – Dryad
  14. Plaster – Circular Mechanism
  15. Akkor – Continuum
  16. Kerridge – WOSN
  17. Ochre – Infinite BookendsLakker – Coal BAth (Skirt Remix)
  18. Jonnas Kopp – 55 Dias
  19. Jonnas Kopp – El ALva, Vos y Yo
  20. Haerts – Wings (Shlomo Remix)
  21. #.4.26 – South Harlem
  22. Objekt – One Fell Swoop
  23. Exium – Mantra
  24. Violet Poison – You Should Suffer For The Truth
  25. Forest People – Istambul District 2
  26. Funxtion – Inmmolare (Osaka Version)
  27. Blind Summit – Blissful Oblivion
  28. Violet Poison – Visone
  29. Moin – ElsieTraumer – Louve
  30. These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker Remix)
  31. Black Rain – Biotechno 1 & 2
  32. Dalhous – You Dont Know What You Whant , Do You?
  33. Raime – Your Cast Will Tire
  34. Vatican Shadow – Enter Paradise
  35. Vessels – Glass Lake
  36. Somaticae – Pointless (Mondkopf Remix)
  37. Burial – Shell Of Life (Sholomo Remix)
  38. Shxcchcxsh – Lttlwlf
  39. Slangsdorf – Fruhstuck
  40. Sholomo – Put it
  41. Sholomo – Emerge From SMoke
  42. Monoton – She Past Away
  43. Senking – Chainsawfish
  44. P.A.L.M 42 – Scmore
  45. Shackleton – Silver Keys
  46. Aglaia – Magnitudine Stellare
  47. Ronan Hardiman – Celtic Dream
  48. Plaster -Seber
  49. Passion – Ortrotasce
  50. Prism – Pastel Ghost
  51. Peter Van Hoesen – Seventy Secrets
  52. Profligate – Finding The Floor
  53. Parallel – Seventh Moon (Eschaton Remix)
  54. Ntogn – Mana
  55. Ntogn – Maenad
  56. Northen Structures – Skarregak
  57. Mondkopf – Absences
  58. Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)
  59. Modwheelmood – Things Will CHange (Kangding Ray Remix)
  60. Mod21 – Self-awareness
  61. Acid SPirit – Mega Drive
  62. Mas Teeveh – Time Loop
  63. Luigi Tozzi – Bioluminiscence (Deepbass remix)
  64. VHS Glitch – Night Slasher II
  65. Lori – Cut
  66. Inigo Kennedy – Insist (Donor Remix)
  67. Function – Modifier
  68. Hante. – Beyond The Waves
  69. Function & Inland – Odeon
  70. Edit Select – Receptor
  71. Eschaton – Aphelian
  72. Exium – Droid (Tripeo Remix)Exium – Flood Runner
  73. Dryft – B.prof
  74. Dynatron – Cosmo Black
  75. Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing
  76. Dorian Gray – Nytophilia
  77. Conforce – Wave Trace
  78. Coushin – Opulence (Svreca Remix)
  79. DNGLS – Encolvee (Edite Select Remix)
  80. Slam – Visual Capture

PERFECT ATMOSPHERE STREAM (320 Tracks Compilation) [Archive.org]


Hold On Listen To Some Livesets With Some Years Old!!    

                      Post contains several Hours oldschool Techno Lives!!!

Oldschool 90’s Hard Techno Livesets Underground Detroit Sessions

Hip Hop Abstract Ambient IDM No Beginning No End Full Album by Elypixa

Hip Hop Abstract Ambient IDM No Beginning No End Full Album by Elypixa


Variations: Elypixa
Hip Hop Abstract Ambient IDM No Beginning No End Full Album by Elypixa

Elypixa – No Beginning No End

Label:BFW Recordings ‎– BFW147
Format:File, Album
Released:01 Aug 2011
 Hip Hop Abstract Ambient IDM No Beginning No End Full Album by Elypixa

No Beginning No End – Elypixa Tracklist

1 Aeolus 2:13
2 Rememberance hiphop 3:38
3 Subconscious11 1:35
4 Oil spill 3:33
5 N.D.E. 2:28
6 A wandering soul 5:15
7 H35Gb 4:53
8 Don’t Forget 5:41
9 N-every day (Thought For Japan) 4:49

Reeko + Exium The Bass Valley – PoleGroup ED. [TECHNO Liveset HD-Video-RIP]


Night On Earth – Barehanded (1998) [Secret Cinema]

Night On Earth – Barehanded (1998) [Secret Cinema]


Night On Earth is another aka of Secret Cinema and his Real Name is Jeroen Verheijm DJ and producer from The Netherlands and Founder of Gem Records .

Other aliases: Forgotten Worlds, Grooveyard, Jeroen Verheij, Meng Syndicate, Mengz, Point Blank, Secret Cinema, Stomach Basher, Summer Sweetness, Veejay, X1
Sites: secretcinema.nl

Night On Earth – Barehanded (1998)

“Night On Earth” “4th Element EP” (1998)
Track A2 Barehanded
Brave New World Records ‎- [BNW 010]
Format:Vinyl, 12″, EP – Netherlands – 1998
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno, Tech House

Tracklist “4th Element E.P.” by “Night On Earth
A1 Absolut
A2 Barehanded
B Cathedra

+ Info


Gem Records is Jeroen “Secret Cinema” Verheij founded Gem Records in 2009 after 15 years in the business. This decision was based on the desire to not only broaden his horizons but also those of people all over the world through quality releases. The philosophy of Gem Records is to sign solely tracks that will withstand the sands of time, regardless of the genre they may be categorized in or the current hype. A box cannot limit quality music and it is Gem’s mission to distribute a wide range of music that can appeal to many types of music enthusiasts.

The artists signed to Gem have one thing in common, they are all trailblazers in this industry in their own individual way. Artists include, the growing Dutch legend Egbert along with the likes of Christian Smith and Ramon Tapia (read the full Gem roster below).

The label showcase ‘Gem Sessions’ has been successful in organizing events around the Netherlands. From sold out shows in the legendary Melkweg to all-nighters at venues such as Toffler and Whoosah, Gem Sessions knows how to create an atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more. Gem is renowned for their live editions that capture the energy of the crowd, while taking things to another level. Overall, Gem Records looks to push the conventional boundaries of electronic music and showcase the artists who believe in the art of music.

Gem Records


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Dead Astronauts – Constellations Album [Synth-Pop Darkwave]

Dead Astronauts – Constellations Album [Synth-Pop Darkwave]

Dead Astronauts Constellations box set released October 2014. Images by Hayley Stewart. deadastronauts.com • telefuturenow.com • hayleystewart.ca
Dead Astronauts Constellations box set released October 2014. Images by Hayley Stewart. deadastronauts.com • telefuturenow.com • hayleystewart.ca

Hot off the heels of their initial Telefuture appearance, Dead Astronauts return with with their debut LP, over two years in the making. Constellations takes the form of 13 new tracks of spaced-out synth-laden ambiance coupled with pulsing rhythms and dynamic vocal stylings. As a duo, Dead Astronauts transcend space and time (as well as the physical distance that falls between them) to create music that some might consider to be from a decade long lost.

They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. Lucky for us, Dead Astronauts’ ethereal transmissions will be heard, and remembered throughout the cosmos as their signals travel alongside an expanding universe.

To accompany the audio element to the release, Dead Astronauts have teamed up with talented illustrators from across the planet to create The Dead Astronauts Project; A collective who shares their unique visions of the band’s beloved mascot, Persephone.

Dead Astronauts – Part One

Dead Astronauts “Constellations” CD “
Professionally duplicated CDs with 4-panel full color pro-printed flatpack sleeves. Features art from Glenn Arthur and Jared Nickerson.
Includes unlimited streaming of Constellations via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


  • “Constellations CD” Tracklist by “dead astronauts” “part1”
    1 Part One
    2 These Bones
    3 Weathered Wolves
    4 Parallel Universes
    5 Little White Lie
    6 What For
    7 The Pier
    8 This City
    9 Taking Control
    10 Walking With Machines
    11 Part Two
    12 The Ocean Owns Your Body
    13 Unhappy Woman

Dead Astronauts – Constellations [Full Album]

Discogs Info
Connects to the feed artist to get news and stuff
Website Dead Astronauts
Jared Kyle (Seattle, USA) – Vocals, Lyrics
Hayley Stewart (Toronto, Canada) – Production, Vocals
creditsreleased October 16, 2014


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